Tips for Getting Nominated!

Tips for Getting Nominated!

What can you do to ensure that YOU are nominated for that desired position?

  • Shout your name from the highest mountain
  • Jump up and down reciting “pick me, pick me”
  • Attach reason why you want to be nominated on a chocolate bar
  • Record and perform a musical number that you can send to the committee
  • Send a fruit basket
  • Send over some beef stew with a note saying “Eat hearty and pick me.”
  • Send a shoe to “get your foot in the door”

Reasons to nominate someone other than yourself

  • Because they’re awesome
  • Get them out-of-the office so you can prank their office
  • You know they can do the job, they just need a little push
  • They don’t have enough work to do
  • They have their weekends free – why not keep them busy 7 days a week

Why would someone want to be nominated for a position?

  • Recognition your yourself, team and organization
  • Extra calories burned from running around to meetings
  • High fives
  • You get to see me on a regular basis (I know, Lord help us all)
  • Bragging rights (ok, this isn’t nice, but I’m leaving it in, because I needed a 5th bullet)

Just look at the interesting people you will meet . . .

Awww, the fun and wonderful rewards of it all . . .
Now that I have your attention . . . all kidding aside: Please consider either nominating yourself or someone else for the CAFAA positions. Get yourself out there, try something new and fun!

Head on over to the CAFAA website and give some thought as to nominating yourself or a colleague. You will be happy you did!!!

Eileen Griego

President – Elect