Strategic Plan 2022-2025

CAFAA Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Strategic Pillars


  • State of Colorado
  • Students interested in higher ed
  • Their parents
  • Financial aid community
  • High school counselors


  • Underrepresented students
  • Access
  • Change in aid policy


  • Provide tools and resources
  • Professional development
  • Outreach to the community


  • Network with members
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Strong communication

Goal 1: Continuously enhance and highlight the value of a CAFAA Membership


  • It’s not necessarily about the number of institutions, its about the value of the membership to those institutions.
  • It is important to provide value to all types of institutions and professions within the industry.
  • Needs of institutions may change over time, regular assessment of institution needs should be conducted.


  • Commitment to keep costs to institutions low
  • Community building:
    • Commit to being inclusive and have a culture of being open and welcoming to all.
    • Be able to share ideas/brainstorm with others.
    • A place for all levels and experiences of Financial Aid professionals to connect with others in the state.

Goal 2: Provide Professional Development opportunities for members to enhance involvement, and learning opportunities.


  • CAFAA should be a resource to its institutions and be an organization that provides training and professional growth opportunities



  • Involvement in an association:
    • Create options for people to get involved a lot or a little
    • Have clear pathways for people to get involved with CAFAA, RMASFAA, and/or NASFAA
    • Have each persons involvement within the organization have clear and outlined learning objectives/professional development objectives.
  • Job specific knowledge building:
    • Create a culture of learning from others: Provide regular opportunities to network and meet people from across the state, who are doing the same/similar things as you.
    • Provide access to trainings on Fed regs, system specific procedures, specific to Colorado problems
  • Expanded learning:
    • Working sessions together to come up with a solution together
    • Structured opportunities for professional connections and professional development for career growth and movement within the state.
    • Regular professional development days.
    • Share relevant federal and state updates in the context of their impact on Colorado students and Financial Aid community.
    • Develop knowledge sharing opportunities for new federal initiatives such as SAI.

Goal 3: Advocate for the financial aid community across the State of Colorado.


  • To ensure the financial aid community’s voice is being spoken and heard as new programs are developed at the state level.
  • To ensure CAFAA represents the entire financial aid community by assisting in the connection of resources.
  • There are little-to no resources for high school counselors for financial aid.
  • The educational attainment rate of the state increases when students and parents are informed early on about their options in higher education and when financial aid representatives have a voice in shaping new programs.


  • Continuously advocate for the needs of high school counselors, students, parents, and colleagues by creating partnerships with organizations across the state.
  • Create pathways to take the ideas and work from our offices to make sure our voices are heard and incorporated in the creation of new laws and programs at the state.