As the years come and go with changes to federal Financial Aid from gainful employment to prior prior year, CAFAA brings on a more exciting and welcomed change.  Since 1967 CAFAA has been at the forefront in serving the needs of financial aid professionals here in Colorado.  Over the past couple of years, CAFAA has brought on some welcomed changes with membership and the conference, so it is only fitting that we bring on a new change to our logo.  In 2016, CAFAA will be moving the annual conference from the fall to the spring in order to best serve our membership and neighboring regional associations.  With your help, we will be unveiling a new logo at the spring conference, to give CAFAA a much deserved facelift.


So what’s in it for you? 

CAFAA will be providing a $500.00 award to the student’s logo that is chosen by the membership!


$500 Mike?

Yes $500! 


Who’s eligible to enter into this awesome part of CAFAA history? 

The logo redesign is open to all CAFAA schools and their respective students. 


How do I enter into this greatness? 

Send a pdf file, no larger than 250mb, of your CAFAA logo design to me, Mike Pearce, at



But of course, all logo entries need to be submitted no later than March 1st 2016!


The CAFAA Board and Membership will review all entries and a winner will be notified April 18th, 2016.  The winning logo will be unveiled at the annual CAFAA conference in May.  So be a part of the CAFAA history books, get some recognition and a little extra pocket change while you are at it!

Mike Pearce