Spring Conference Challenge!

Spring Conference Challenge!

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It’s almost conference time!

You’ve gotten the OK from your supervisor to attend and you’ve teamed up with coworkers to select roommates. You might have already started packing and might have spent some time thinking about what you hope to learn at the various sessions that will be offered.

As you prepare for the upcoming event, I’d like to offer up a challenge to each of you. If you’ve been to a professional conference before, you know the drill. You team up with your work colleagues for breakfast, you attend sessions with friends from other institutions you may have worked with before and, at the end of the day, you find your buds for some relaxation and conversation before the start of the next day to do it all over again.

This year, as we make the change from a fall conference to a spring conference, why not switch things up in your own routine? Challenge yourself to interact with new people. Pick a table at lunch filled with people you don’t know, chat with our vendors even if you know nothing about their services, attend sessions that you might not otherwise be drawn to….who knows? You might just meet a new best buddy or a contact for future employment opportunities. At the very least you’ll get the chance to speak with someone that you might not otherwise have interacted with and you might learn something new or interesting.

I know it’s easy to run in the same circles and fall into old habits, but there’s so much to be learned and experienced by breaking out of your habits and routines when you challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone and reach out to others.

See you there!

Nicholas Tertel| Counselor

Student Financial Services

Division of Enrollment & Access