Let Us Not Forget Why We Do What We Do

Let Us Not Forget Why We Do What We Do

Whew!  I am one tired gal.  Trying to stay on top of new regulations, old regulations, reporting deadlines, corrections to this and corrections to that can make one wonder if employment in the field of financial aid is really worth it.  Within the past several years many of my peers, as well as schools, have decided it’s not.

But then I remember that one student.  You probably know the one I am talking about.  That guy or that girl that you just knew shouldn’t be there because he or she couldn’t possibly succeed.  Then the most amazing thing happens, that guy or that girl graduates.

At graduation you see the family standing by that guy or that girl, all beaming with pride.   Then you talk to the family and learn that this is the first member of their family to become a college graduate.   You can see the hope and excitement that their loved one’s accomplishment has given them.

Now I remember the value of doing what I do, it’s for them.  It’s for the students, and the students’ families, and for all, the promise of a brighter future.  So with renewed energy, I will make sure all my paperwork is in order and all my cutoffs are met so I can continue to offer this valuable resource to all who want it and need it to achieve their goals.


Gini Pryor

Heritage Education

2015 CAFAA Proprietary Rep.