Father Time

Father Time

Father Time. Another year, come and gone. Another year, ups and downs. Another year, tick and tock. Another year, day to day. Another year and closer to retirement (Right, still just a light at the end of the tunnel).

While I try and stay ahead of Father Time, he keeps hanging around, sometimes closer than I would like. Sound depressing? Not really, I imagine Father Time with a glass of scotch instead of a scythe and a clock. Scotch helps in more ways than the obvious. It helps me reflect, to slow down and enjoy, to let baby New Year come on in.

Still there? I may have lost you by now and that’s okay but let’s make the leap and connect these scotch reflections and this financial aid life. For a recent contest, I had to say why I like scotch and part of why I like it is that it helps me reflect on relationships. We do a lot of good work for students. It’s satisfying to see that success and to share it. It’s satisfying to provide an opportunity for change no matter how slim the odds seem. On top of that, when I reflect, I find relationships. There are mentors, colleagues and teammates that I have had the good fortune to find at the places I have worked. Many of these come straight from the work place but just as many come from the associations like CAFAA and RMASFAA.

So, CAFAA, don’t just be a member, don’t just be part of the org chart. Get out there and meet people. Yes, we love volunteers, but think even broader than that. I didn’t volunteer right away and have valued relationships that are still holding strong. Just engage with your colleagues. Who knows (and don’t take these too literal), you might find a short buddy, someone to pop from a cake, someone who offers you some brown sugar, someone who steals your crutches, someone who acts as a Festivus pole, many where you wonder what Humanity means to them, a confidant, or a friend.

James Broscheit

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