The Art of Being Thankful

The Art of Being Thankful

I am thankful for

As we get ready for Thanksgiving, I am reminded of what this holiday is about: being thankful! As we enter into the holiday season we are bogged down with the business of planning, prepping, and cleaning to get ready for the big feast…or maybe just trying to get the new aid year set-up for 2017-2018. Either way we tend to get wrapped up in the duties, and not the spirit, of the holiday.

Being thankful…if you have been on Facebook recently, you may have seen the ‘30 days of being thankful challenge’. Year after year people remember to take time out of their busy schedule to be thankful even for just the little things in life. Whether it’s friends, family, or pets, people take the time to remember what is important!

Today I am thankful for the amazing support I am given from friends. The friends that, no matter what, have my back. The friends that see when I may be having a rough week and take the time to encourage and spend time with me. The work friends that are there to lift me up on a rough day. The friends that you don’t have to talk to on a regular basis, but are always there. Sometimes it is important to take a moment out of your day to be reminded of what truly matters, and that your identity isn’t wrapped up in what you do…but in what you mean to others. So, what are you thankful for today?

Sara Gossman
Coordinator: R2T4 & SAP
Colorado State University
CAFAA Professional Development Committee Chair