3 New Website Features to LOVE

3 New Website Features to LOVE

loving the new CAFAA website

Welcome to CAFAA’s new website! I have been hard at work these past few months preparing the new website for its debut with our new web servicer, KeyBridge Web based out of Washington, D.C. We, the CAFAA board and committees, are very excited with the results and we hope you find it easier to use, navigate, register for events, and connect with other members.

Here are my top three favorite features of the new website:

  1. Member Directory

    With the tiered membership, members are able to log on individually and view member-only content.  You can view job postings (as there are new ones), events like the upcoming 50th Annual CAFAA Conference in May, professional development events, and much more.

  1. Registering for Events

    Speaking of registering for events, this part of the website got a facelift just like everything else on the website!  Users can now register and pay for an event, like the 50th Anniversary CAFAA Conference, without even leaving the website!  The website is capable of taking credit card payments, or if you prefer, select the ‘bill later’ option and send Tara Spritzer your payment via check in the mail.  Once you successfully register for an event you will receive email confirmation. You can even see a map of where the event is taking place!

  2. Friendly Greeting for Non-members

    We made a few items publicly viewable so we can show the world what CAFAA is really about and generate more website traffic and interest than ever before. The blog is public, so if you want your voice heard on the CAFAA blog, email Cassandra Seamans to let her know you’re interested!  Non-members will be able to view the board, the executive committee, and the committee chairs right smack-dab on the front page as well!

Now is the time to log in to our new site and renew your membership!  You can do this by going to the main page, www.CAFAA.org and clicking on ‘Member Login’ and then clicking on “Request Password” on the next page.

**Make sure that the browser you are using is up-to-date, especially when using Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. **

CAFAA membership is what we make of it, so please share your ideas and be vocal about the needs of the membership. We, the board and executive committee, will do our best to keep the membership in-the-know and always updated!

Mike Pearce
Senior Packaging Work Study Manager
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
CAFAA Technology Chair