Enrollment Specialist

Enrollment Specialist

Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith Technical College seeks applications for an Enrollment Specialist.

Job Description.

The primary functions of the Enrollment Specialist are to navigate and advise students through the steps to admissions and ensure they are enrolled. The individual will serve as a pre-enrollment admissions counselor and advisor. Duties include meeting with prospective students, advising students, connecting students to faculty for advice and mentorship, maintaining student records, admitting students into the application process, interacting with faculty members, and partnering with campus offices. The Enrollment Specialist works closely with the Recruiter, Advisors, Student Success Center, faculty, and reports to the Supervisor of Admissions. The Enrollment Specialist supports the Office of Admissions by providing academic and developmental advising for students in all CTE programs. This position primarily admits and advises students about the admissions process and facilitates the development of mentoring relationships between the college and students.

Application Instructions

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